Dreams of 1,000

The last several weeks have been quite exciting within the St. Kilian Parish Community. The mantra on the campus is “One thousand….One thousand….One thousand”.

It all started as a spirited Pastoral Services Appeal homily by Fr. Angelos Sebastian when he shared his ‘Dream’ –
a dream of 1,000 pledges to the PSA 2018 campaign. The community began to embrace his dream and the pledges are building beyond any previous year. Praise God!

But soon after PSA kickoff ‘Fish Fry 2018’ was launched. The parish knows that Fish Fry Fridays are well attended by diners and that our volunteer turnout is amazing. But what happens when our ‘Spiritual Dream Team’’, Fr. Angelos and Fr. Tuan, envision 1,000 dinners served in one night?

If you participated last Friday you saw the well-tuned Fish Fry Machine in ‘full-steam-ahead-action’ dishing up a record 944 Dinners!

Will it happen?
Can we do it?
We only missed the target by 56 dinners last week.
Get ready everyone! There is a Dream with our name on it!

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