Electronic Giving – It’s so Easy

Your weekly donations make it possible for our parish to pay the bills, provide assistance to people in need in our neighboring communities and help build platforms for faith formation not only for adults but for our youth, the future of St. Kilian  Church.  We appreciate your generosity. God Bless You.

But have you taken a moment to think about the time it takes a devoted team of volunteers to count the weekend donations?

STEP ONE  separating checks, cash and envelopes.

STEP TWO open envelopes.
Each envelope is opened and donation amount is recorded on the envelope and check number or cash is written on envelope for future posting.

STEP THREE sort the bills (ones, fives, tens, twenties) and checks.
All the bills must be facing in the same direction and smoothed out be passed through the bill counter. Part of the team stamps the checks and runs  totals for the deposit.

This takes the team of 7 volunteers (who arrive with their own cookies or brownies) and staff of 2 an average of 2 hours each week on this first phase.

STEP FOUR  a staff member spends the remainder of the day  recording your donations into the Church database.
The staff member enters information from each envelope. Using the Parish ID from the envelope the donation amount and method (cash or check) is keyed in. If no ID is available the employee looks you up by name on the check or perhaps what you have written.

WHY?  So that at the years’ end the front office can provide you with charitable contribution statements for your tax returns.  Every effort is made for true accountability to credit each of you with your weekly or monthly donations.

Whew – long story!   Solution ….


We buy online, we bank online – why not give online?
Stop by the office ~ ask questions ~ pick up a form.  Start up is easy, stopping or changing is a phone call away.
And then give thought to the time and team power you just saved our Church.

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