Adult Education

Faith formation is an on going process and journey. We offer various opportunites that are centered on individual and community for Spiritual Growth. Our Adult Faith Formation endeavors to connect with the motivations and interests of adults. We  focus on what is going on in the lives of adults and the transitions that we all encounter.  The goal of Adult Faith Formation is to put all in communion and relationship with Jesus Christ, as we continue on the path to a richer and more full life of Faith, Prayer and Sacramental Life.

For information on any of the programs listed below contact:
St. Kilian Parish Office (949) 586-4440.

ADULT Confirmation Class
If you are 18 years of age or older, have been Baptized and have received First Eucharist, but did not receive Confirmation (for whatever reason) and are seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation – this class is for you.
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  • RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
    A process that provides several stages of faith formation for individuals who are seeking to become or re-unite with the Catholic church.
  • RCIA – Adapted for Children and Youth (on-gong)
    We offer  RCIA adapted for Children and Youth. This process is for anyone over the age of 7 who has not been Baptised.
  • RCIA – Sponsor (on-going)
    The role of a sponsor is to walk and journey with the RCIA participant.