Child Safety and Circle of Grace Parent Information

Norma Aguero-Diocesan Safe Environment Coordinator (714) 282-3125

Download Contact Information for Questions and Reporting Contact Information for Questions or to Report Child Abuse

Download Child Sexual Exploitation and Recognizing the Signs

Download How to Handle Suspicions or Disclosure of Abuse

Download Recognizing, Reporting and Preventing Child Abuse

Download Discussion Questions for Children ages 5-8 Child Safety DISCUSSIONGUIDE_5-8 (2)

Download Discussion Questions for Children ages 9-12 CHILD SAFETY DISCUSSIONGUIDE_9-12 (2)

Download Discussion Questions for Children ages 13-17 Child Safety DISCUSSIONGUIDE_13_17 (2)

St. Kilian Child Safety Promise  Child Safety

Download Letter from Bishop Vann Letter from Bishop Vann_May2013 – COG

Download Brochure  COG Orange Brochure

Download Parent Letter  Parent Letter

Download Philosophy Philosophy

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Download Common Questions Circle of Grace-Common Questions of Parents

Download Parenting and Sexuality Parenting and Sexuality-The Basics

Summary of Key Concepts Summary

Circle of Grace Poem and Code of Conduct Poem and Conduct

Download Family Circle of Grace  Family Circle of Grace

Download Kindergarten Newsletter Kindergarten Revised

Download 1st Grade Newsletter 1st grade revised

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