Youth Ministry

St. Kilian Youth (SKY)

SKY is a community for high school students that want to come together and openly talk about their relationship with God, and what it means to be a Catholic teenager in today’s world. We are all about increasing faith in God and we accomplish this through meaningful discussions, fun games, prayer, friendships, service, sharing meals, and recognizing the presence of God in others.

As a teenager or young adult, hard times, peer pressure, and even everyday stresses can pull you away from God. Here at SKY, you can rebuild your relationship and get spiritually closer to God by interacting with other people your age. You’ll find out how other youth (just like you), and Jesus himself conquer such tasks. The youth group offers fun activities for all of its attendees both at SKY and at special events. All youth are always welcome because Jesus welcomed all.

When does SKY meet?

Join us in the Hall at 6:30 – 8:00 pm on Wednesdays. See the Bulletin for Sky Meeting dates. All High School students are welcome!


Youth Leadership

Interested in leading teens closer to God and sharing his love with others? Teens who have completed the process of being confirmed are invited to consider applying to join Youth Leadership at St. Kilian. Youth Leaders participate and help plan retreats, youth nights, Confirmation and other youth related events. This is a great opportunity for you to serve the community of St. Kilian by exercising your gifts, time, talents, and acquired skills. Help us make this ministry awesome and join our Youth Leadership team!

For Adults

At SKY we feed the souls of the teens who attend by bringing them closer to God through talks, prayer, fellowship, and fun. Not only do we feed their souls at SKY but we also feed their stomachs as well. If you enjoy cooking, please consider using your talents to help out this ministry. We our always in need of a meal and we do have a budget for these nights. Just contact Youth Ministry for more information.