Prayer Shawl on a Journey of Love

Our devoted prayer shawl ministry continues to create beautiful prayer shawls and lap blankets for anyone submitting a request.

We recently received a very special request from a young parishioner, 10 year old Mark.

Mark’s 90 year old grandfather lives in Vietnam.
Mark was fortunate to travel and meet his grandfather for the first time a year earlier. Mark’s aunt would soon be traveling to Vietnam and would be able to deliver Mark’s special gift.

So once again, our great Prayer Shawl Makers got busy and filled the request.  Fr. Tuan was on hand to offer his blessing and translate the accompanying prayer into Vietnamese for grandpas’ gift.

Mark and his mom came to the office to pick up this special shawl –
made especially for Grandfather Ong.

Mark & Mom

Pope Francis seems to like it – we hope Mark’s grandfather does, too.


Mark’s Grandpa Receives Shawl

And now the journey of our prayer shawl is complete! Mark’s grandpa is very appreciative of the thoughtful gesture of love from
his young grandson and the skilled hands of our St. Kilian Prayer Shawl Ministry.

Requesting a Prayer Shawl is easy.
Print out a form here or pick one up in the Parish Office.




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