RE Parent Advisory Board

Religious Education Parent Advisory Board


 In June 2012, a group of parents whose children participate in our Religious Education program met to begin the process of developing our program to better serve our children and families.  Throughout the last 2 years, this group of parents has met quarterly to share what is most important to them about our faith and how we pass it on to our children.

 The members have hosted our Welcome Back to RE Meet & Greet, elected Board Officers, set short and long terms goals, developed and distributed a flyer to encourage families to continue their child’s faith formation, created a Mission Statement, Vision and RE Logo, supported our All Saints Day Mass and Trunks or Treats, presented our Child Safety program- Circle of Grace and are continually working to encourage and support families and help deepen their faith.

 We are happy to publish the MISSION STATEMENT and VISION for this Committee and welcome any parents that are interested in joining us to contact Cindy Hurley at the RE Office.

 RE Parent Advisory Board MISSION STATEMENT:

 The families and staff of the St. Killian Community are dedicated to growing faithful Catholics through our Religious Education Program.

 RE Parent Advisory Board VISION:

 We strive to empower children and teens to value our Catholic community, traditions, and friendships they make though their education. We aim to have families and their children look to the Church for moral and spiritual guidance, to deepen their love, faith, and service to God and Jesus and draw strength from the teachings of God.

 Thank you to these parents for volunteering their time and talents to help all children and families LEARN, LOVE AND LIVE our faith as Catholic Christians.

 Parent Advisory Board Members:

 Trina Robertson-Chairman

Jennifer Frankenberg Vice-Chairman

Michelle Datwyler-Secretary

Adrianna Holt-Spiritual Leader

Cindy Hurley-Staff Member

Christine Schrodt-Member

Donna Burton-Member

Kris Bowen-Member

Lisa Vido-Member

Michelle-Mouritzen Member


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