Baptism for Infants & Children

A Brief Look at Baptism for Children

There are 3 steps to prepare for your child’s Baptism.

1.    Fill out and return to our office the Baptism Registration Form

2.   Parents and Godparents take the Baptism Preparation Class

3.   Select a date for your child’s Baptism


Parent(s) must be registered with St. Kilian Church.

If parent(s) is not registered complete a New Parishioner Registration Form and return it to the Parish Office.

For each child (age 7 years and younger) complete and return to the Parish Office a Baptism Registration Form.

Email completed forms to


Who needs to attend class? Both parents and Godparents must take a Baptism Preparation Class.

Where – When are the classes? Classes are offered in the St. Kilian Parish Center on the first Wednesday of each month (with a few exceptions) at 7:00 pm.  The class lasts approximately one hour. Please do not bring children with you to the class.  Upon completion of the class you will receive a certificate of attendance and select the a date for your child’s Baptism.

Please call to reserve a seat for class. 949-586-4440. There is no fee for class.
Classes are offered at all Catholic churches.  If it is not convenient to attend class at St. Kilian, please explore Baptism Classes offered at other parishes.  They will provide you with the required certificate of attendance.

Note: If parents or Godparents have attended the class within the past four years you may be excused from attending again. Verification of past attendance will assure being excused.


Godparents must be age 16 years or older.

At least one Godparent must be a practicing Catholic who has been Baptized, received the Holy Eucharist, Confirmed, and if married – marriage recognized in the Catholic Church.

The Godparent cannot be the mother or the father of the child being baptized.

Of the two Godparents, one must be male and one must be female.


With a few exceptions Baptisms are held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month at 12:00 noon.

Please note: There are no Baptisms during Lent.

Call Parish Office for more information (949) 586-4440.